Cals College Nieuwegein takes havo and vwo pupils only. The school has grown significantly in the last ten years and now has about 2000 pupils. Apart from the compulsory havo and vwo courses, the school has the following specialisations:

Culture for all pupils

Cals College Nieuwegein is accredited as a “Culture School” because the arts are strongly represented throughout the school.

In year 1 and 2, pupils are offered the subjects of music, drama and visual arts. In year 3 they are offered music and visual arts. Additionally, pupils in the first year of secondary school have the subject of cultural and artistic education (Culturele en Kunstzinnige Vorming, CKV). In three orientation courses of 10 to 11 weeks, they discover dance, film and design. After six months, once they are familiar with the art subjects, they choose a specialisation course: music class, drama class or atelier class. In the second and third year, as part of CVK, they can choose from six different art forms: music, drama, atelier, audio-visual (film), dance or design.

Upper school pupils can choose arts & crafts or music as an examination subject.

There is also a busy programme of school performances including two musicals, the final year (diploma) presentations and a range of workshops.

Bilingual vwo education

The school has a large and well developed bilingual (Dutch and English) vwo department. In the first three years of this optional programme, pupils have more than half of their subjects taught in English. The aim is to produce pupils with an excellent command of English, and an international perspective. A number of subjects are taught by native English speakers.

Upper school pupils work for the IB-English A programme, on top of their normal (Dutch language) secondary school diploma. The bilingual department also organises a number of excursions and drama workshops that have an international perspective. Second year pupils have a study tour to England and the following year there are exchanges between Cals College and schools within Europe. In the upper school there are international work placements, which take our pupils all over the world.


We have different international exchange programmes with schools in Estonia, Spain and Italy. The school also organises cultural excursions to Greece and England and to cities as London, Paris and Berlin. There are also day trips to France, Belgium and Germany.


The ‘technasium’ is an education programme for havo and vwo pupils with an interest in the world of science and technology. The core subject of the technasium is the new examination subject Research and Design, R&D. For all pupils, the first year of havo/vwo and vwo is an orientation year on the technasium. In R&D, pupils work on various projects of around eight weeks each, throughout the school year. They work in small groups on assignments set by a commercial company, institution or government organisation, and also pay work visits to the client. Each project ends with a presentation to the client. Upper school pupils can choose the R&D subject as an examination subject in the science profiles. This ultimately leads to a havo or vwo diploma with a technasium certificate.