Cals IJsselstein admits VMBO, HAVO and V WO pupils. Pupil numbers are fairly stable at around 1500. The VMBO and HAVO pupils complete their secondary education at IJsselstein. After three years, the V WO pupils move to Nieuwegein for the upper forms.

Cals College IJsselstein offers Entrepreneurship programmes to pupils at all levels in an inspiring learning environment. The core values underlying our approach are future-readiness, commitment and distinctiveness.

Our education programmes are constantly assessed in the light of these values. In our education practice, respect and dialogue are the core values. These three core values support five principal pillars >

Our programmes consist of lesson modules that centre on seven subject areas (www.curriculum.nu). In addition to the normal lessons, there are electives and ‘flex’ lessons, as well as real-life assignments. Our final exam success rates have been high for many years.

Our programmes

Basis/kader (VMBO)
The basis/kader programme challenges pupils to continue developing and to become skilled professionals in whatever direction appeals to them, be it as a carpenter, beautician or businessman. We work extensively with existing firms and businesses. Pupils can choose from the following profiles:

  • Economy and Enterprise
  • Care and Well-being
  • Construction, Domestic living and Interior design
  • Producing, Installing and Energy

Here the focus is on learning skills such as collaborating, presenting, communicating and utilising IT technologies. All MAVO pupils participate in the so-called Bèta Challenge programme, which connects well to the ‘technasium’ programme. Projects offer pupils the opportunity to work on real-life assignments provided by the business community. One unique feature of our MAVO programme is having physical education as a final exam subject. Our MAVO connects smoothly to MBO or HAVO programmes.

In our HAVO and Atheneum departments, pupils learn to be inquisitive and to deal with freedom and responsibility. This offers an excellent preparation for HBO or university studies. Our new school wing is fully prepared for the future education. We offer a technasium programme and are a so-called ‘School voor ondernemend leren’ (School for entrepreneurship education).

Broad approach to technology
Pupils are introduced to many forms of technology. We increasingly collaborate with the technical profiles in our basis/kader and MAVO departments. This way they become familiar with various forms of hard engineering, such as metal work, wood work, installation technology and electrical engineering. We have the know-how and facilities in-house to develop design, make circuitries and 3-D printing skills. By working with a steady group of engineering firms, we are able to offer a realistic, up-to-date and appealing education programme.

More than just lessons

Art and culture
We find it important that our pupils discover a variety of art forms. That’s why we devote attention to culture starting from the first year. Pupils not only learn to draw or make music, but also to come up with creative solutions, to collaborate with others, to assess art works and to present. We organise drama and music projects in class, cultural days in and around IJsselstein, and a day of dance for all first year pupils.
We furthermore organise activities outside school hours. For instance, we visit theatres to discover how plays are produced and what the actors want to convey. We select interesting plays together with the pupils, and devote some lessons to preparing for the play to enhance their understanding and to stimulate class discussion. We also invite theatre groups to perform in school, for instance with plays about social media or bullying.We also organise a musical every year, for which pupils can choose between dance, acting, music or technology.

International excursions
We find it important to look beyond the national borders and to have pupils discover other cultures in Europe. During their time at Cals College they can participate in several multiple-day excursions abroad, for instance city trips to Oxford and Lille and exchange projects with schools in Belgium, Germany, France and Spain.

Cals courses and clinics
Pupils who want to can participate in extracurricular courses and clinics. We organise various activities introducing pupils to new experiences such as horseback riding, breakdance or making graffiti. These courses and clinics are led by professionals.