About us

The Supervisory Board of Cals College is responsible for two schools: Cals College Nieuwegein and Cals College IJsselstein. The schools are about five kilometres apart and are on the periphery of the historic city of Utrecht. Amsterdam is about 40 kilometres away. Both schools share the same core values.

Our core values

We believe in each other, in each other’s capabilities, and in each other’s intentions. We have high expectations of each other, and we think and act in terms of opportunities and possibilities.

In this way we offer our pupils the opportunity to develop cognitively, creatively, and in their understanding of this world.

We feel a bond with each other. Acknowledging each other and being acknowledged are therefore important to us. We look out for each other. We feel responsible for ourselves and for each other.

We are open to the ways in which another can be different. This requires tolerance. We do so in dialogue with each other, on the basis of equality.

We seek an atmosphere of openness. We respond to our environment with an open mind, and are open to new ideas and insights. We view the world with wonder, and share this wonder with our pupils.

This is how we create a safe environment for living and for learning.

This is how we give shape to our open Catholic identity.